Dr. Roger Davis | Dr. Cortman & Associates Psychologist Venice, FL

Dr. Roger Davis received his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Miami in 1996. Much of his career has been spent teaching other psychologists in issues related to assessment, diagnosis, and psychotherapy. He has over 30 published chapters, articles, and books on such wide-ranging topics as anxiety, classification, personality, personality pathology, and interpersonal conduct and relationship issues. Psychological tests and books to which Dr. Davis has contributed are in daily use across the United States.

Dr. Davis considers his specialty areas to be personality issues and anxiety disorders. He practices an eclectic mix of mindfulness meditation, cognitive-behavioral, and interpersonal therapy, with elements of existential psychotherapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy. He believes that diagnostic labels are just shorthand ways of communicating, and should not define a person or limit what they can become. Dr. Davis believes that symptoms represent one way that our personality communicates to us our need for growth, and that paying attention to these messages is essential for recovery.